Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Point of View

So today, I was planning to do a post on character point of view (POV), but honestly, I've had such a trying morning--I got locked out of my house with my baby inside the house, but thankfully, everything is okay--that I'm not really up to writing a long post today, but for the sake of the A-Z Challenge, I didn't want go let a day go by without posting something. Hope you don't mind.

So, in terms of POV, my questions to you are what character POV are you most comfortable writing in (i.e. first person, third person, various POVs), and why? And what do you think are the benefits of writing from first person vs third person and vice versa.

Have a good day!


  1. It used to be third but then I started writing and reading more YA, which seems like it's always in first person. The advice "know your genre" is crucial! I do find first person present tense a little irritating, and I definitely struggled writing in that voice, so I keep it first person past tense.

  2. I've done both, but my humorous writing is always in first.

  3. You should schedule your blog posts in advance. Write two or three at the same time when you have a moment. I've done that a little bit. Nothing is cheating when you have small children.

    As to your POV question. I've always liked first person, you get to really connect with the character that way. Next is third person, which is what I'm writing in now (as you know).

  4. Glad everything is okay!
    First person story is difficult, few writers do it well.
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