Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Victory: What are your personal victories?


I've been browsing through the blogs I follow and I see that the words VICTORY and VOICE have been used by other bloggers for the letter 'V' today. My original idea for a posting today was going to be the writers' Voice, but I think I would rather reflect on writing Victories.

If you're like me, sometimes it's hard to reflect on day-to-day victories throughout the writing journey. Sometimes it seems like the only real 'Victory' is if one gets published--we put in all the work and energy and now the goal of publication has been reached. However, I find thinking this way sets me up for defeat.

When I believe that true Victory can only be achieved through publication everything in my writing journey becomes an obstacle instead of an instance to feel grateful. For example, I have two young children. Sometimes it feels there is just not enough hours (or personal energy) in a day to write. I instantly get down on myself ("I should at least be writing for 2 hours a day" or "I should be brainstorming throughout the day when I'm making lunch, or changing poopy diapers, etc"). It becomes frustrating when I can't achieve my writing goals, and instead of reflecting on my small victories throughout the day, I see them as not good enough.

Recently, one of the ladies in my writer's group received a contract for publication. I was so happy for her. What a Victory! This is a person who tries to aim to write at least 1000 words per day, attends writers' conferences, belongs to various writers groups, etc. Part of me wishes I had more time to do all of this, but right now it is just not practical for me while raising children. But, I have other Victories to be proud of!

  1. Doing this A-Z Blogger Challenge
  2. Trying my best to write and edit something per day
  3. Networking with so many interesting writers online
  4. Continuously educating myself in the craft of writing
  5. Teaching my children the joy of reading

These are my Victories. Even if I am never to be published I am a victor because of all of the passion the writing journey has brought into my life.

What are some of your Victories?


  1. My victory will hopefully be that I have completed the challenge :-) I am stopping by for the A-Z challenge.

  2. Thank you for not writing about Voice! It's an excellent topic, but seeing so many had made my head spin today lol!

    My latest victory is finishing my WIP! I am so happy!

  3. Just doing a quick fly-by with the A-Z. Victories, huh? Great topic. I'm getting to the age where every day I open my eyes and find my hubby and I are still breathing is a victory. Not what you're talking about, huh? Well, I sold a story to a magazine last year. It made good money, but I wasn't thrilled with the editing job the mag did on it. And now, I'm darned near to the end of the A-Z challenge. Woo HOO! Nice to meet ya. Count me in as your newest follower.

  4. My writing victories are that I joined a writer group. Two, I write/edit everyday. And definitely completing this challenge will be a victory. My life's victory is finding joy everyday.

  5. If I can do my 500 word quota in a day with children underfoot that's a victory. Sadly those days are few and far between. It's not the lack of time; it's the lack of brain power.

  6. Thank you everyone for sharing your personal victories. I love to hear postive things that are happening in the lives of others.