Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Insecure Writers: Patience is a Virtue

“Patience is a virtue.” – A nice boss-

Just when I was about to take a rest from the A-Z Blogging Challenge, the first Wednesday of the month pops up (*sigh*), but no worries! It’s Insecure Writers Wednesday and there are always a plethora of insecurities to discuss—kind of sad actually L

Will any of us ever get to the point where we can feel secure within, I mean even if things aren’t working out on the writing front (or any other front for that matter)? That’s a huge topic. Certainly not something I’m prepared to blog about today.

So … back to my insecurity for the month of May. Impatience. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most patient person, and, oh, how I admire the quality of patience; the ability to not be in such a rush, rush, rush, all the time, and the skill of waiting, allowing something to develop on its own time. When I was younger, a nice boss kept repeating the phrase to me, “Patience is a virtue,” and that it is.

I would like to think I have developed a bit more patience throughout the years, but I still have a long way to go. In terms of writing, I have been rather impatient lately—okay, more like forever! I want my novel edited and polished now. I want to complete a few short stories that have been buried in my files today. And I want to start sending more things out to agents and publishers now, now, now!

There is a fear inside of me that nags, “If you don’t send it soon, you’re going to miss the wave.” I write YA fiction like many other writers, and now it seems like YA is still hot, but by time I finish making my manuscript as “perfect” as it can be, then write the queries, the synopses, etc, etc … maybe I’ll be something like eighty years old and an agent will say, “You missed it, kid. YA was so early 21st century.” Alright, a bit of an exaggeration, but do you know what I’m saying?

In addition, I get impatient with myself. Being the mother of two very young children, sometimes finding the time (and energy) to write even two hours a day is quite a feat. For example, I set out weekdays to write for 2 hours a day while the kids are napping/resting, but by the time they are settled down, the house gets so quiet. It makes me so zonked that sometimes I say, “to heck with writing today!”

So I guess I’m confronting my impatience with respect to writing.  I’ve realize that I cannot be so hard on myself when I have other responsibilities (important ones at that with children)! And personally, I would rather write one good book that I really did the best I could on, than plow through several that are not my best work, especially when I don’t have any set deadlines from a publisher (yet ;) This can only be achieved by patience.

Do you struggle with impatience at times?


  1. I am so guilty of this too. I am so impatient a the majority of the time. I think for me it is because life in general seems so fast paced anymore there is hardly time to stop and breathe on some days. Then there are the days I have the feeling that I am forgetting something to do that day.

    1. I'm just trying to stop and 'smell the roses' (cliche but true) and try my best to enjoy the journey instead of only focusing on the end result.

      I find that I unnecessarily pressure myself when I only think about what I want to accomplish in the end. It kind of takes away the joy of doing the whole thing.

  2. i guess I am so busy writing, that I don't have time to be impatient! But, come to think of it, I am impatient in the area of deadlines, navigating the blogosphere and all involved, and getting to all the books I need to read about the art of writing.
    And, of course, I get impatient with my two teens, whom I homeschool, along with everything else that is important, but gets in the way of my (sometimes) selfish pursuits.
    Thanks for your post...I'm visiting "post-challenge" now that I have more time!