Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Insecure Writers Entry: Back on the Writing Scene

I must admit I didn't post a blog entry for Insecure Writers last month. I didn't post anything at all. To be honest, I had a major case of writer's block. After completing the first draft of a YA novel last December, I took a break from writing, and when I came back to my computer in the New Year I was...blank. That made me feel very insecure. Aren't good writers supposed to have a vast amount of ideas?

Then, when my husband was reading the newspaper he found an advertisement about the Toronto Star's annual short story contest. I entered once before, but for the last few years I had no good ideas for a short story. My husband encouraged me to just get writing and enter something in the contest anyway.

So that's what I did. After struggling to find a 'clever' idea (this only frustrated me) I said to hell with it and just wrote. And my writing juices started to flow again because I just wrote from the heart, and I must tell you I ended up writing something that moves me and moves others who have read the piece. I'm not saying the piece will win, but it sure felt good to connect with a character without trying to impose my 'clever' ideas on them.

It's amazing because when I wrote the short story, ideas for other stories bloomed. I am back on the writing scene again! And I'm just going to write even if the ideas don't seem brilliant because you never know what your character will show you.

How do you overcome writer's block?


  1. Nice to meet another Cannuck! Absolute best advice - just write. Just pretend you're writing in a journal and no one else has to see it - you'll be surprised. Good luck.

  2. Isn't is amazing how the more the mind puts out the more it makes? I love the creative process and am glad that you found a way to keep at yours. Can't wait to see where it leads you - new follower :)

  3. I'm new to your blog - visiting from the IWSG! :) Nice to meet you!

    To get through writer's block? I write. And read. And write. Just keep going!! :)

  4. Thanks for all of your feedback. Welcome to my blog ;) I'll check your blogs out as well ;)

  5. Sometimes, time is all it takes. I actually find lying in bed and staring at the ceiling helps. (I know that sounds vaguely sarcastic, but I'm being absolutely truthful!)

  6. Yet another insecure writer... I've found that it isn't really 'writer's block', it more like 'plotters block'. When I'm stumped with my plot creativity dries up. And I've also learned that come hell or high water I have to write every day or else I lose confidence. Writing can be a hard taskmaster.
    And Annalisa, I agree. I crawl onto my bed, pull the covers over my head and play act the story in my mind until SOMETHING happens. Thanks for the post.
    Gwynneth White #260.