Tuesday, March 6, 2012

X-Change: A new e-Magazine for writers who want feedback from other writers

As an insecure writer, I'm always looking for objective eyes to read my work and provide me with contructive feedback. It's especially helpful when my readers are other writers who actually know what they're talking about in terms of characterization, plot, conflict, pace, tone (etc) of a piece of writing.

It can be difficult to look at our work objectively. I know it's difficult for me! Either I fall in love with something I wrote that doesn't quite work for the piece, or else I'm way too hard on myself and think I need to change everything because the writing is 'not good enough.'

In terms of contructive feedback, I must admit that I am blessed to have a small writers' critique group. We've been meeting for over 5 year. Our personalities and level of commitment to our writing just seem to click. Believe me, it is not necessarily easy to find a good writing group, and even if you do have a good critique group, sometimes a new pair of eyes reading your work can give you fresh insights.

That is why I'm trying to create a monthly e-Magazine called, X-Change, where subscribers are guaranteed publication in the online magazine so that other subscribers who are writers can provide their constructive feedback in a forum-type atmosphere.

During March and April, I will be accepting short stories and novel excerpts to compile in a sample edition of X-Change. Short stories should be a maximum of 2,500 words, can be fiction or non-fiction, literary or genre of any type.

After the stories have been collected, contributors will receive the free sample edition with their published work and peer feedback. Then, if you like what you see you can continue to submit your work for feedback for a marginal subscription fee.

Please contact me at if you want to submit something for the sample edition. Also, feel free to pass on the word to other writers who may be interested in getting their work featured in the e-Magazine.

Looking forward to reading your work.



  1. WOW on the idea of X-Change eMagazine. Actually I just asked someone about looking at a piece for me and have been following the leads given. I wrote it about 14 years ago. It is only about 1000 words however, so it wouldn't qualify. I wrote it for my mothers friend who died with breast cancer on Christmas Day that year, and with all the time that has past am afraid to tackle it to add or change it. Again, what a great idea.

  2. Hi Gossip girl. Your piece would qualify and if you want to submit it from the sample issue feel free to do so. I just didn't want anying 2,500 words or more because it gets too long to do thge editing if there are multiple submissions. Send your piece through if you wish and let me know if you want it included. I would love to read it!

  3. You sound so much like me, I actually laughed out loud! Not that being insecure is funny, it's just...I could have written this exact post!

    Love the idea of X-Change, sounds like it will be great!

  4. Hi Kyra. Thanks for popping by. Feel free to submit something to the e-mag if you wish. I'm also thinking of putting a promotional section in the e-mag where writers can post any news or information to promote their work.

  5. Hi, first, thanks for following me, appreciate it. Second, X-Change sounds very interesting and encouraging. I'll definitely be checking it out.

  6. Hi Siobhan, thanks for the comment! Your X-Change idea sounds really cool and I'm interested in reading it when it comes out. I don't have any short stories right now, but if you do put a promotion section, then I'd like to find out how I can get into that. Once it's out I'd be willing to promote it on my blog.

  7. I love what you're trying to set up! I find it very difficult to connect with writer's in my area so I've always been really afraid of critiques. Now I think I'm going to try and write a short story so I can enter.