Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group- Not a Profound Month


This month I've struggled to think what my writing insecurity is... it's not that I don't have one. Believe me! I guess there's just so much on my mind right now with work and the house and the kids (oh, and that little thing called editing a novel), that I haven't really had the time to ruminate about my writing insecurities (maybe that's a good thing)?

I guess the only real insecurity that's been picking at me is the fact that I would like to write and complete more short stories... I just don't feel I'm sending out enough of my work. This novel editing is taking up the majority of my writing time (which isn't much to begin with), so other projects have been neglected.

When I hear that some people have written something like 40 (+) published short stories, firstly I think, WOW, good for them!! And secondly I think, okay, how did they do that? Honestly, for me to get out one good short story, there are usually several drafts involved, so to think about writing 40 of these--oh boy!!

Anyhow, that's my shpeel for this month. Maybe in September I'll have a writing insecurity that is more


  1. Writing short stories can be really challenging, so 40 finished and polished is pretty amazing. However, I know you can get there!

  2. Short stories scare me to death. I guess I just can't be that concise. :) Good for you that you are trying!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, and welcome!!

  4. You can't compare yourself to other writers. Continue editing your novel and write more shorts when you can. You'll get there!

    A belated comment from another IWSG member. :)

    1. Thanks, Kim. You're right. Comparisons can lead to frustration. Welcome!

  5. You produce a lot of work Siobhan with such a young family! Plus your writing is soooo well done! So don't be too hard on yourself!