Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Mind of a Writer

Found this quote and thought I'd share it with you. This applies to life in general, but it can be applied to the writer's life too.

The way I interpret it to fit with writing, is that if there is something challenging in writing (let's say editing a manuscript or short story that just doesn't seem to be working), the 'weak' mind may give up.

The 'balanced' mind may know that it's tough and feel like giving up, but knows that continuing to go back to that manuscript is a way to challenge herself as a writer.

Finally, to me the 'strong' mind means someone who happily embraces the journey of writing with its ups and downs, and sees a manuscript or short story that isn't working as an opportunity to make it the best work it can be by committing to the editing process.

How do you apply this quote to the writer's life? 


  1. Hi Siobhan .. good to meet you and thanks for following. As this is an embedded comment box - I may not be able to comment and this will go through to your spam, or just simply get lost in bloggerland .. let's see!

    Being at peace with oneself - having that balanced mind is an essential in life ... good for you for recognising it ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Writers definitely need to have strong minds (and hearts, for that matter). Publishing is such a tough industry and we all need to make sure our minds are strong if we want to battle all the obstacles that come with trying to get published.